Mattia Albicini

Mattia Albicini was born in Milan in 1980. Since childhood, he has showed a strong interest in art and drawing, but it was in his grandfather’s workshop that he developed a keen curiosity about “creating” and learned the culture of manual woodworking and handcrafted furniture. The relationship with him would be crucial in shaping his tastes and determining his future educational path.

After graduating in 2006 in Industrial Design from Politecnico di Milano, he began collaborating with well-known design studios in Milan, taking part in a large number of projects in different fields ranging from furniture to lighting, from home technology to automotive, from art direction to catalogues
and exhibition stands.

After a professional period abroad (Sydney, Australia), in 2012 he returned to Italy and set up the Mattia Albicini Studio in Milan, focusing on product and interior design. His eclectic style combines attention to detail, functionality and the search for unusual shapes. This, combined with a strong sensitivity for natural materials and artisan production excellence, has allowed him to explore different design scenarios, sectors, materials and production technologies.